Wait Watchers: Weighing in on Weight Time Initiatives Across ACAHO Members

Since the mid- to- late 1990s, the future of health and health care in Canada has been the most important public policy issue on the minds of Canadians. Not unexpectedly, the confidence that Canadians place in their highly valued health system is closely aligned with their ability to access quality health services on a timely basis.

To address these pressing healthy policy concerns that are pan-Canadian in nature, federal, provincial and territorial governments have agreed to a series of "Accords", with the most recent being the September 2004 First Ministers Agreement.

While all governments have agreed to deliverables related to addressing wait times, many of the policy issues will need to be jointly identified, addressed and resolved at the local level.

It is with this in mind, that the Association of Canadian Academic Healthcare Organizations (ACAHO) has prepared this summary report. The purpose of the report is to take stock of member activities with respect to developing and implementing wait time strategies for publicly-funded health services. As important as they are, this report does not address provincial government wait time initiatives more generally.

March 29, 2005

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